Think Like a Rainforest

The Inga Foundation commissioned this animation to support their AltForest campaign, which aims to explain the problem of slash and burn farming and to define an effective solution. The Inga is a fast-growing tree that keeps weeds at bay, provides soil with nutrients, and allows crops to grow again.

The challenge of this brief was to distill 25 years of research by British ecologist Mike Hands, into a concise and powerful film, that would generate public, financial and political support. 

Role: Direction, Storyboard, Design, 2d Animation 


Creative Direction and Production - Scriberia

Direction - Angie Phillips

Script - Rachel Porter 

Storyboard & Design - Matias Morel Balbi & Angie Phillips

Animation - Matias Morel Balbi, Phoebe Halstead, Angie Phillips & Amy Kate Wolfe

Compositing - Letty Fox

Sound & Music - Skillbard